Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Day Two - My Shoulders Are Killing Me!

I managed to do another hour of exercise today, where the focus was the upper body. I have a naturally very weak upper body and I can't even do one single push-up - even on my knees! Thankfully, Blogilates has a tonne of videos that focus on the back, arms, shoulders and chest, which is what I used today.

In order, I did:
Applause Arms
I didn't really "get" this video, I've got no idea what a grapevine is and I just felt like a twat about to punch someone in the face with my weights.
Toned Arms & Sculpted Back
I honestly can't remember what moves are in this, but I have a feeling there was the pray and praise (or something) which is the most ridiculously simple move in the world - and it burns!
Arms on Fire
Back on Fire
Apart from the push-up to renegade row, this is my favourite video. As previously mentioned, I can't do push-ups so I spend that section flailing around and falling on my face.
Backless Dress Workout
Another one of my favourites.
Upper Body Workout
One of the old ones, which I generally quite like because the moves are simpler and the videos are shorter (for my attention span...), but I really should have watched this one before I started because it's 60% push-ups, so I had to flail around again.

I also went to ASDA today and (hopefully) bought most of my food for the month. I'm aiming to lose about 35lbs, but nothing seems to be working. The new rule is that I am allowed to eat whatever I like (within reason) as long as I have made it from scratch and there's no processed food involved. I am also exercising every day this week (if I make it...)

Here's what I had today - baked eggs on a spicy tomato and green pepper sauce:
I even had wholemeal bread!

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